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Overcome Pelvic + Urinary Issues - Free Kickstart

Get started with your free 7 Day Kickstart to Recovery right now. No credit card is required.

No strings attached. If you want to continue on with the rest of the program (the last 11 weeks to complete Overcome Pelvic + Urinary Issues), you will have the option of purchasing the program after your 7 day program ends.

Recap of What You'll Get

✅ A Healing Routine (relax and release your pelvic floor)

✅ Trigger Point Release (dissolve tension and dysfunction)

✅ Deep Relaxation Pose (release your muscles and feel amazing)

✅ The Science of How This Happened (understand what's going on in your body)

✅ 7 Day Checklist (just follow along each day)

✅ A Clear Path to Healing (learn the four steps that clear out pelvic and urinary issues)

✅ Guided Meditation (relax and rewire your brain + body)

✅ Relaxing Breathwork (calm your nervous system and chill out)


The Fact that You Made It Here Tells Me Something About You...

You are not willing to give up. To throw the towel in. You are committed to living a joyful life again. Being strong and free. YES! There truly is light at the end of the tunnel. I remember the really dark days. This is not just a glimmer of hope — but the brightness of your future that YOU'RE creating. I'm here to guide you step-by-step. The first step is committing to a NEW YOU for 7 days. Breathe deeply during the daily movement routine. Watch the powerful lessons. It's not just about committing once...but the battle is won by re-committing even once you've been knocked down. I'm simply extending a hand to help lift you up. I'll see you in the Kickstart. 😁

In strength, Michael