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We have built a Transform Pelvic Health Support Center just for you. With helpful articles, FAQs, and of course - a form for contacting us!


Ask Michael a Question on Your Free Small Group Video Call Consultation

Are you lost and confused regarding your pelvic floor issues?

One consultation call can bring so much clarity.

✔︎ Ask your questions and receive pelvic health guidance from Michael, in a small group setting.
✔︎ You can share your story and attempted treatments, to give more context.
✔︎ Chat with someone who truly understands your situation, with the knowledge to holistically heal.

Note: This call is for men who are not yet in a full program. If you are a full member, please post your question in the Online Community. If you need live call support, you can book a paid 1-on-1 call here.

Also, you are limited to attending one free consultation call. To receive more guidance and support, purchase the Overcome or Vigor program, which includes 6 months of support via Michael and other coaches.


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Transform Men’s Pelvic Health programs are not a substitute for individualized medical treatment; contact a physician and/or physical therapist in your area for one-on-one evaluation and a personalized treatment plan.