Attention: All men who have struggled with premature ejaculation for far too long

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His Confidence is OVERFLOWING

This program helped me gain more confidence in my everyday life, sex life, and personal life…inside and outside the bedroom, and I know it gave many men confidence to be accepting of themselves.

- Christopher B., 25

She Said It Wasn’t Even Worth Having Sex With Me

That’s what my wife said many times over. After penetration, within 30 seconds the sensation came over me, and I felt like I was going to come. I couldn’t help it.


I wasn’t overly excited. This wasn’t my first time. This was a reality that I lived with for years in my 20’s. (when you’re supposed to be at your sexual peak)

Instead, I was sexually weak. WTF?! I was working out, doing PC muscle exercises, practicing edging, eating clean/organic/paleo, meditating…and it wasn’t changing.

Apparently, I wasn’t alone. More than 33% of men struggle with premature ejaculation1 (cough, and many more won’t admit it or show up to a research study about it, cough).

This issue created a MAJOR STRAIN on my relationship, driving us apart and creating a sexless marriage.

Until I changed. You see, I am someone that is dedicated and committed to my dreams. And having soul-connected, mind-blowing sex was a desire of mine.

After years of piecing together information, trying different practices, and digging deep into my thoughts and emotions - I went from coming quick to lasting as long as I wanted.

I created a proven system with my good friend Dr. Brianne Grogan (she’s the preeminent pelvic health expert out there), and today I'd like to tell you about it. It's called Vigor.

Are you still stuck in the living hell of being trapped in a body that you have no control over?


You Might Be Thinking, “Why Can’t I Control When I Come Like Other Guys?”

The pain of prejac goes beyond the bedroom

  • The pain goes into your relationship. The worry that your lover won’t want to stay with you.
  • The feeling of “missing out” on what should be the best sex years of your life.
  • The darkness of being inadequate and not measuring up.
These are some of the thoughts and feelings that lead up to 70% of men with acquired prejac to developing severe anxiety2.
The constant planning and worrying about:

“How am I going to do tonight?” 
“I hope that I last long enough.”
“I hope she/he enjoys this.”

And the despondency of feeling disconnected from your own cock. Like it doesn’t follow orders or have your back. 

EVERY MAN with premature ejaculation wants to change it, then why do they go on for years and years without solving it?

HOW YOU go about solving your PE matters. Honestly, to this point, there just hasn’t been a proven solution that addresses the root cause.

There have been plenty of quick fixes that numb you out or pump you with pharma that creates side-effects.

There are even some pretty cool masturbator trainers that do help to train your muscles, but they miss the boat by not addressing the mind-body root cause.

I was frankly blown away that someone hadn’t dedicated their life to creating a solution that is fully natural, and proven to get results.

And that’s what led me to bring VIGOR to life.

Let Me Break Down the Science of Premature Ejaculation

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what is actually causing this issue inside of you?
Poor masturbation (and porn watching) habits
wired and fired your penis to come faster and get used to a specific neural pathway to quick pleasure.

Anxiety about performance, or money, or work
can lead to an inability to relax into sex and be fully present.


Misaligned nutrition
can throw off your gut-brain connection, leading to nervous system dysfunction.


Trauma from the past,
such as a bad breakup, sex being taboo in your family, or a moment of embarrassment can get stored in your brain and body.

The obvious symptom is coming too fast…but if you dig deeper…you’ll find contributing root causes.

It’s not enough to just do pelvic floor exercises…you need a well-rounded, holistic approach that is scientifically proven to work.

Introducing VIGOR - The Science-Backed, Results Driven 8 Week Program Designed to Give You Control and Confidence

The changes you can expect from Vigor:

Drastically increase your endurance by mastering the movement of your pelvic floor muscles with exercise routines
Gain authority over sensations, arousal, and excitement by reprogramming your brain and penis with sexual practices
Discover your root cause and use the TRNSFRM formula to break free from the vicious cycle of prejac
Go from struggling to empowered with support from Michael and the other coaches

72% of men dealing with PE doubled their time before ejaculation with Vigor3

THIS Boosted My Blood Flow…

The meditation and positive self talk part was also good, and the best thing was the massage which helped boost blood flow, improve the general feeling and nature of erection and alleviate pelvic stress.

- Geo, 37

Get Your First 7 Days of Vigor FREE and Start Lasting Longer


  • A daily 15 min. exercise routine to retrain your pelvic floor for endurance.
  • A breathwork practice to calm your mind and balance your nervous system.
  • A solo sexual practice that rewires your penis to do what you say.
  • The science of overcoming premature ejaculation, it’s all laid out
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The Dangerous (Unnatural) Side Effects of Other PE Treatments 

  • PreJac meds (SSRIs) are antidepressants that can cause nausea, diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, dry mouth, and sleep problems. That’s not sexy.
  • Lidocaine numbing gel/spray can create a temporary loss of sensitivity, skin irritation, and burning. What’s the point if you can’t feel anything?
  • Ejaculation training devices (and apps) can create a dependency and desensitize you to pleasure, while missing the true root cause.
  • Pharmaceuticals can increase anxiety and imbalances in your brain and gut. One problem solved, another one created…

With Vigor, YOU are In Control of Your Body

  • No need to rely upon a pill for your body to do what it’s made to do.

  • No harmful chemicals running through your bloodstream affecting your brain and body.

  • No danger of creating a dependency on something outside of yourself.

  • No relying on a device or product - you are the answer.

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My dick gets rock hard now I feel more blood flowing to it!

-Ike P., 28

I Teamed Up With Dr. Brianne Grogan to Bring You RESEARCH-BACKED Practices that Simply Work


On my path from pelvic pain to sexual strength, I ran across a pelvic floor stretching video by Dr. Brianne Grogan.

It really helped. Her calm voice, scientific mind, and nurturing aura were soothing on my transformational journey.

After overcoming my issues, we touched base and discussed how we could partner up to create a pelvic + sexual health system, based on real results.

We combined her decades of clinical practice and specialized understanding of pelvic health with my personal experience and studies of sexual transformation.

Dr. Bri is a leading voice for vibrant pelvic health, with more than 30 million views on YouTube, a critically-acclaimed book, and thousands of happy pelvises transformed through her work.


We went to great lengths to test, prove, disprove, and isolate the MOST EFFECTIVE practices to include in Vigor.

See the Changes For Yourself by Starting TODAY

Kickstart your transformation with the FIRST 7 DAYS of VIGOR for FREE.

  • Scientifically designed exercises to build endurance in your pelvic floor.

  • Sexual practices that reprogram your penis to follow your orders.

  • Rewiring meditations to calm your anxiety and form neural circuitry for improved sexual function.

  • This is week 1 of the 8 week Vigor program, you’ll already be well on the way to strength!

The Proven Solution that Addresses ED and Premature Ejaculation at the SAME TIME!

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It’s Sad that Most Guys with PE NEVER Solve It

They try for a few years, to no avail, so they give up. They resign to a sex life of coming all-too-fast, resorting to toys, and hoping to compensate in other areas of their relationship.

The hard thing is that PE is physical and psychological. It requires digging deeper and discovering that there is something that you need to change about yourself. For most, it is easier to take a pill or use a gel and move on. 

But you and I know that these band-aids don’t really work. You’re still here reading this because you know that you can have legendary sex. You know that this is waiting for you, and you’re not afraid to do the “work” of transforming.

Because you know that, on the other side of the journey is not just multi-orgasmic ecstasy (seriously, it’s freakin’ amazing), but feeling 100% confident in your authentic self. That is worth more than anything. If I were you, I’d go all-in in the next 7 days, and commit to creating a new you, confident and in control. I’ll be there for you every step of the way.

In strength,


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1 and

3Based on Vigor Beta completion survey respondents.