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Results-driven, at-home programs that empower you to overcome your pelvic health issues and get back to strength!

  • Natural and Holistic
  • Address the Root Cause, Not Just Symptoms
  • Made Specifically for Men

Men are Getting their Lives Back

Read these real results.

I had pain on my pelvic floor, and now I feel much better!

Serge, France

I am so glad I found this program, it was worth every penny…

Tim, UK

As a physiotherapist myself, I strongly support this genial idea to endorse those in need…

Arben, Albania

I’ve been sticking with the program and haven’t missed a day of stretching and meditation.

Greg, USA

Truly Dr Bri and Michael I can not fully express how thankful I am to you.

Ross, Australia

In two months, 80% of symptoms went away.

Mehmet, Turkey

I personally would say out of all the doctors I have seen…this program has helped me the most by far.

Hugo, Canada

Overcome Pelvic Pain course and Michael Hodge was truly a Godsend to me…

Neftali, USA

Proven, Results-Driven Programs for Your Pelvic Floor

Reported notable improvements and reduced pelvic pain with our Overcome Pelvic Pain program!*

*Based on Overcome completion survey respondents.

Rooted in Science

Created with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, our holistic method is built on sound evidence-based practices after years of application.

We’ve Been Through it Too

Michael (founder of Transform) went through several years of pelvic floor dysfunction, ED, and premature ejaculation — leading him to discovering a direct path to recovery.

Self Guided + Coaching Support

Our programs give you what you need for a self-guided experience at home, with a wide range of tools + coaching support when you need it.

Where Men Go When They’ve Had Enough

Doctor appointments, therapies, medications, devices — are you finally done with putting your power into something outside of yourself? Transform by going within.

Overcome Pelvic Pain

A fully-guided 12 week program to overcome pelvic floor dysfunction (CPPS). Empower yourself with daily movement routines, meditations, nutrition guidance, and support from your pelvic health coach!

Overcome Your Pelvic Pain

Vigor Pelvic Strength for ED & Prejac

Vigor is a scientifically rooted, natural approach to stronger erections and lasting longer. An 8 week program for pelvic floor power and better sex, through a holistic approach.

Strengthen Your Sex





Start for Free at Home

“By the end of the program, all my symptoms had resolved and my core was more well-trained than it had ever been.”

Jordan, USA

I’ve Been
In Your Shoes

“I’ve had the agonizing experience of dealing with chronic pelvic pain for 5 years, and also ED and premature ejaculation.

After going from one urologist to the next, getting all of the diagnostic tests, and being told that I should be fine so many times, I walked a long path of pain that finally led to my transformation.

I went from being in a living hell to living a life of passion, confidence, and strength. I’m so blessed to be able to help men out of the pain and back into the pleasure of life! Transform YOU and your pelvic floor transforms.”

Michael Hodge


In Collaboration with
a Leading Doctor of Physical Therapy

Our programs were created by Dr. Brianne Grogan,
a Doctor of Physical Therapy with years of pelvic health specialization, working with men in-person and online. By combining her signature relaxation + strength approach and Michael’s own personal experience with pelvic floor issues (CPPS, ED, and prejac), Transform was born.

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Transform Men's Pelvic Health programs are not a substitute for individualized medical treatment; contact a physician and/or physical therapist in your area for one-on-one evaluation and a personalized treatment plan.