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Overcome Pelvic Pain and
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Return back to strength with our proven 12 week at-home guided program

“Early this morning, and as I sat down to begin work, I was able to relax my pelvic floor – maybe for the first time in years.”
Jordan Parks, 29, Overcomer


Do you feel isolated by pelvic pain?

Don’t go another day...

...with debilitating pain - stopping you from living your life


With less than desirable sex or major sexual dysfunction


...Feeling like an isolated, “broken man,” where no one around you gets it


...Peeing several times each night, or taking 7 minutes just for the flow to start


...Trying medicinal approaches that get you nowhere, leading to more anxiety and fear

Going through CPPS for 5 years was the hardest experience of my entire life (and I’ve since gotten a divorce). The pain was hard, but the hardest part was TRYING to do everything right, and it still not going away.

A full recovery is possible

90.5% reported notable improvements and reduced pelvic pain with Overcome!*

This isn’t a life sentence. Join myself and many more men who have Overcome Pelvic Pain with this holistic system.

Overcome is designed to help you...
  • Alleviate your pelvic tension (CPPS)
  • Restore your muscular function
  • Enjoy having sex again
  • Regain confidence and develop empowering mindfulness
  • Love your body again!

All without having to travel to expensive sessions or undergo surgery.

After going through Western medicine, testing, natural doctors, acupuncturists, physical therapy, herbs, and so much more - it finally all fell into place once I had that perfect mix of movement, nutrition, and the mind-body connection.

I created Overcome with Dr. Brianne Grogan to create a science backed approach that holistically addresses the root cause - not just the symptoms.

*Based on Overcome completion survey respondents.

A 12 Week Guided CPPS Program

Overcome Pelvic Pain for Men is a 12 week program that combines a daily stretching and strengthening routine, mindset, nutrition, trigger point releases, deep relaxation poses, and an understanding of anatomy to bring you back to strength.


Take a Look Inside of Overcome Pelvic Pain


You'll get one new movement routine each week, which you will complete 5-7 days per week. Each routine is scientifically designed with stretches and exercises that bring your muscles into a state of relaxation, and progressively add back in strength and range of motion.


Each month of the program includes a trigger point release. This is designed to provide "extra relief" for those days which might be more difficult. It is another tool that you can use to bring down pain, and stay on track with your recuperation.


Another supplement you'll receive is a monthly deep relaxation pose. These poses are not only very tranquil, rejuvenative, and peaceful — but they are guided. The guided relaxation will take you through a mental flow that amplifies the healing effects of this practice.


Each month includes a detailed nutrition lesson, with a specific challenge or guidelines to follow. This is an integral part of your healing program, in which we help you to create positive, healthy habits for life. Discover how to remove inflammatory foods and how to lean into your bio-individuality.


Shifting your thoughts and emotions is one of the fastest ways to make deep change, both physiologically and neurologically. Inside is a self-hypnosis for subconscious reprogramming and other meditative tools.


Michael and Dr. Bri have included a growing library of detailed questions and answers from real men in the program. You also have the opportunity to ask your own question in the Online Community to get support on your journey.


Access to the Overcome For Men Community

  • A private, positive place where you can feel understood and heard
  • Discuss with other men who are overcoming alongside you
  • The opportunity to have your personal questions answered
  • A loving, supportive, safe, judgement-free zone

Need help?

Ask Michael and coaches questions along the way.

Are You Experiencing Any of These Symptoms?

  • Pain from pudendal neuralgia
  • Hard-flaccid
  • Frequent urination
  • Painful urination
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Painful anal intercourse
  • Pain during or after ejaculation
  • Pain during or after bowel movements
  • Tightness in perineum
  • Spasms in pelvic floor muscles
  • Testicular pain
  • Pain while sitting
  • Pain in pelvic floor while exercising
  • Pain in pelvic floor while exercising
  • Diagnosed with: Levator Ani Syndrome, Levator Myalgia, or Proctalgia Fugax

Overcome Pelvic Pain is a path to reviving your pelvic health.

What Does the Road to Vibrant Pelvic Health Look Like?

Get a preview of what recuperation can look like with Overcome Pelvic Pain


The immediate goal in month one is to give you a better start to your day; to begin with a stretching/relaxation oriented movement routine that will open up your muscles and release tightness. This state of relaxation encourages the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing for restoration and repair. This is about giving your body a chance to have less pain throughout the day so that you can start to see real progress.

You will also become more aware of how nutrition could be affecting your situation. You will align with a positive outlook and mindset that is not just about giving you hope, but about firing and wiring new neural pathways in your brain. This can ultimately lead to the atrophy of current neural pathways that are connected to chronic pain.


In month two, you will continue to stretch and open up the affected muscles, and you'll begin to gradually retrain the surrounding muscle groups. Your core, hips, glutes, adductors, abductors, and lower back are the primary focus of this month's movement routines so that you can create more power around your pelvic floor, taking away some of the direct strain and pressure.

This month includes a powerful food journaling practice that will help you to zero in on any problematic foods. You will also learn a new mindset technique designed to keep you in the correct mental state for bodily repair.


In the final phase of your journey, you will begin to directly retrain the pelvic floor muscles. These routines include a mix of direct exercises for coordination and control, along with movements that will improve your overall range of motion and suppleness. Your pain and discomfort should be dramatically lowered from the starting point as you are returning to strength.

You will also make some firm changes to your diet (customized to your personal needs), leading to even more consistency in your pelvic health, mood, emotions, and daily energy levels. The mindset activity for this month is a proven strategy to help you "micro-dose" your way back to those physical activities that you have been missing!

Don't Spend $18,470 Fighting This Like I Did

Not only did this chronic ailment challenge my work, family, relationships, and daily life in general — but it also put a major strain on my finances. I was not nearly as strong, energetic, or able to work as I was previously, which led to a drop in income AND a big increase in expenses. But as you know, you will spend, and do, whatever it takes to get better when you're in a situation like this.

Here's a breakdown of what I had to spend, while going through this:

  • Doctor's Visits (specialists) - $1,100

  • Physical Therapy Sessions (2x a week for one year) - $8,640

  • Acupuncture (1x week, three months) - $840

  • Supplements (herbs/medicine/etc.) - $1,400

  • Doctor of Chinese Medicine/Applied Kinesiologist (1x week for 11 months) - $5,940

  • Testing (blood, other) - $550

Total: $18,470


Almost none of the above was covered by my health insurance, and so I was also paying a significant monthly premium for a policy each month (I am self-employed) that was not attributable to these alternative modalities...even my physical therapy was not covered!

My debilitating symptoms of CPPS have essentially gone away after 6 years.

"Through a combination of Dr. Bri's pelvic floor release stretches, and — surprisingly — finding out that my well water was the culprit, my debilitating symptoms of CPPS have essentially gone away after 6 years of searching for answers and relief. The combination gave me my life back!"

Chris G., New York

I realized this morning that I am essentially pain free.

"I wanted to share the positive news that this program is helping! On an even better note, I realized this morning that I am essentially pain free. I am just very aware of my pelvic area, and I believe I still feel some vulnerability. However, I am becoming more and more hopeful that that vulnerability is also temporary."

Raul T., USA

I’m less tense in the pelvic area, I’m less hesitant while urinating.

"In March 2021 I started to develop UTI like symptoms: painful ejaculation, burning during and after urination and I felt urine trapped to the walls of my urethra after urination. I started the Overcome Program for Men in September and have noticed substantial results. I’m less tense in the pelvic area, I’m less hesitant while urinating and I don’t feel as much urine trapped in my urethra after urination. I highly recommend this program if you suffer similar symptoms and I will continue to use it even after I’m fully healed."

Shane Williams, Overcomer

It allowed me to positively change my mindset, and for me, I think that was key.

"After many invasive tests, which all came back normal, and multiple doses of antibiotics I was really down and out. Anxiety and depression started to set in due to the despair of "what the hell is wrong with me"... I started googling my symptoms and by chance came across Dr Bri's Youtube channel, which led me to the male 3 month program to overcome pelvic pain. The exercises and stretches themselves felt great and would provide immediate relief, even if only temporarily. But the more I got into them, practised the meditation and mindfulness programs, the better I became. It allowed me to positively change my mindset, and for me, I think that was key. "

Mark Biondo, Overcomer

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The Complete Program

It's time to live your life again.
Make a firm decision and follow through. 

  • 12 Healing Routines
  • Trigger Points Releases
  • Deep Relaxation Poses
  • Nutrition
  • Mindset
  • Pelvic Floor 101
  • Mind-Body Practices
  • Track Your Progress
  • Lifetime Access to the Program
  • 12 Months Access to Online Community
  • Support from Michael and Dr. Bri
  • Positive Results Guarantee

One-Time Payment




3 Monthly Payments



You Will Get Positive Results or It’s Free!

Overcome Pelvic Pain is designed to give you meaningful, positive results in your body and your life! Hundreds of men have already returned to a life of pelvic strength. Do the complete 12 week program with full commitment, and if you don’t get meaningful results, we will give you a full refund. Our conditions: we ask that you follow the program, and can show that you did so. Because we know that if you give it 100%, your life will change! If you still don’t experience meaningful results, just let us know within the first 90 days, and we will give you your money back.


5 Things Every Successful Overcomer Have in Common

This is a special training in which Michael highlights five of the major commonalities found in Overcomers who have great success with the program. This bonus will help gear you toward focusing on the right things, opening your mind to new possibilities, and preparing yourself to succeed with Overcome!

Mind Chill: Overcome Stress and Anxiety

Mind Chill is a 7 day experience which helps you to learn and master practical approaches for handling stress and anxiety. Stress, anxiety, and fear upregulate your nervous system — which can significantly contribute to pelvic floor dysfunction. Mind Chill is a powerful tool in not only fixing your pelvic floor, but addressing the root cause of your symptoms.


"By the end of the program, all my symptoms had resolved and my core was more well-trained than it had ever been."

Jordan Parks, 29, Overcomer

Frequently Asked Questions

*In all cases above, we recommend consulting with a local pelvic floor physical therapist for an individualized evaluation and treatment plan. If pelvic floor physical therapy is not available to you (or if you want additional treatment options that you can do on your own, at home), then Overcome is the ideal addition to your well-rounded and empowered plan of care.

One Last Thing

This isn't a sales pitch. I've done my best to simply portray to you that I've been where you are. I did everything I could, and it just didn't work. I scoured the internet and just found a few random nuggets here and there on old forums — at the time, something guided and comprehensive (like Overcome) did not exist. I also spent more than $18,000 on physical therapy, doctor's visits, supplements, and everything else while attempting to heal this. Honestly, this program is worth way more than the cost we have attached to it. If you make the firm decision that enough is enough, and today is the day — I applaud you! You must know in that moment that you are healed. That yes, some "clock time" will need to pass, and that you will need to wake up each day and follow this program. But, by knowing it, believing it, and having faith, you are not just "thinking yourself to health," but rather, you are epigenetically up-regulating your genes for restoration and repair. We will guide you through this for the next 12 weeks. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to serve you in this way. Thank you.

Transform Men’s Pelvic Health programs are not a substitute for individualized medical treatment; contact a physician and/or physical therapist in your area for one-on-one evaluation and a personalized treatment plan.