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I Felt Like
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There was a moment in my pelvic health journey when I asked, “why am I still alive?”

I had tried everything. The pain was severe throughout the day. It hurt to stand up or sit for very long, exercising was a no go, peeing took forever, I’d spasm after bowel movements, and the poor erections and coming too fast (with pain afterward) put a major strain on my relationship. After visiting specialist after specialist, trying natural methods, supplements, pills, therapies, and every diagnostic test possible, I was told: “you should be fine.”

I went on a deep discovery to find the most direct and effective methods to overcome pelvic pain. By finally letting go of needing to be 100% healed to be happy, I settled into the joy of the present moment. I did my daily movements routines, meditations, and ate a healthy diet. I started to forget about the pain, and my pelvic floor dysfunction healed.

Even after letting go of the pain, my erections were weak and I dealt with premature ejaculation. I thought that I was done with pelvic issues, but there was more to learn and change. By aligning to my authentic self, changing my relationship with sex, and powering up my pelvic floor muscles, I now enjoy next-level ecstasy!  (and am forever grateful 🙏)

I never, ever expected to work in the world of pelvic health. On my journey, I learned from and connected with Dr. Brianne Grogan, a doctor of physical therapy who specializes in holistic pelvic health. We combined her scientific approach with my real-life experience to craft programs that WORK. You don’t have to stay stuck. My heart is so full when I see men getting their vitality back. A full recovery is possible. Let’s do this!

experienced improvement in their erections2

improvements and reduced pelvic pain1

improved awareness of pelvic floor muscles1

lasted longer before ejaculation2

1 Based on Overcome completion survey respondents.
2 Based on Vigor Beta Round completion survey respondents.

“Overcome Pelvic Pain for Men programme…is definitely something I would recommend to anyone having any sorts of difficulties within or related to the pelvic floor region.”

Arben, Physiotherapist, Albania

Driven to Create the
Most Effective Pelvic Health
Programs in the World

Transform’s mission is to create programs that guide you back to balance and strength. We are results driven. We collect data. We survey men, make program enhancements, and only leave in what is working. This isn’t a time in history to hand over your health to another person, a pill, or a device. This is a time to empower yourself with a leading-edge, natural, and holistic method to become the greatest YOU.

The Transform Method was created by Dr. Bri through 15 years of helping thousands of men and women restore their pelvic floors in-clinic and online, in conjunction with Michael’s mind-body training and results-driven practices.

Body Awareness

Become acquainted with your pelvic floor muscles and basic anatomy.

Body Awareness

Become acquainted with your pelvic floor muscles and basic anatomy.


Clean eating assists your body in recovery, improved circulation, and good digestion.


Mind-Body Connection

Change your mind, quite literally! Shift your thoughts and emotions to transform your body.


You’re in (Really) Good Hands

Program Designer

Dr. Brianne Grogan, PT, DPT

With over 275,000 subscribers on YouTube, articles featured on MindBodyGreen, courses on DailyOM, and a 5-star reviewed podcast and book, Dr. Bri is a leading voice in the field of holistic pelvic health and wellness. She is loved for her down-to-earth, compassionate approach and for making pelvic floor fitness fun, mainstream, and accessible.

Bri graduated as a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2006 from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. Inspired by her own challenging pelvic floor experience, she now specializes in pelvic health. Her mission is to help women and men with pelvic health challenges live vibrant lives.

Founder + Coach

Michael Hodge

Through a combination of movement, nutrition, and deep mindset shifts, Michael overcame 5 years of severe CPPS. He also worked through relationship-aggravating ED and premature ejaculation (stemming from both physical and psychological sources) to now having the best sex of his life.

After partnering with Dr. Brianne Grogan (a well-known pelvic health expert), Michael has helped thousands of men to return their pelvic floors to balance and strength, through fully guided at-home programs and in-person retreats.

As a martial arts instructor for 15 years, a certified yoga instructor, meditation guide, and pioneer of mind-body-energy practices based in science, Michael helps men to discover the root cause of their pelvic floor issues and return to a life of vibrancy and joy!

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