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Attention: All men who are dealing with chronic urinary issues

Put an End to the Constant Peeing by Getting to the Bottom of Your Root Cause

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There was ZERO PAIN. I was also able to urinate with no medication and minimal hesitation or difficulty. 

- Ethan P., 25

I Hovered Over the Toilet for 6 Minutes EVERY MORNING Waiting for a Drop of Urine

My urinary issues began in 1st grade. I was the first kid to get picked up by the schoolbus, which meant a 45 minute ride before we arrived at the school. I started to feel the constant need to pee.


It was absolutely awful…extremely embarrassing.

I remember my bus driver, Irvin, stopped at a kid’s house and walked in with me and asked if I could use their bathroom inside.

He stopped so that I could pee behind a tree a few times. This went on for months…and finally subsided (when I started to get headaches instead - HINT!).

In my 20’s, I dealt with chronic pelvic pain and urinary urgency and hesitancy. I was super embarrassed when going into public restrooms, as it took me 5+ minutes to even start the flow of urine.

My son would just stand there waiting for me to finally pee, wondering what is wrong with his dad.

I get it. Having to plan your day around pee breaks. Going to the toilet several times before falling asleep. Hovering over the john waiting for something to come out. Not voiding your bladder. It sucks so much.

THANKFULLY, I’ve since learned about the true root cause of chronic urinary issues. It is not just “that you’re stressed,” or that you have “pelvic floor tension.”

Sure, we all experience stress. Of course, we hold tension in our bodies. But, each of us are different.

We have a unique root cause. One that is mentally/emotionally based, that is then affecting our physiology.

Most men that I come across have been LOOKING IN THE WRONG PLACE for a solution.

By doing test after test, doctor after doctor, therapy after therapy…these men were trying to fix a physical body issue.


What if the true root of the problem is not in the physical body?
What if the urinary issues are just the symptom and not the cause? 

Doctors Say that There is Nothing Wrong with My Bladder…Yet I Can't Stop the Urge to PEE!!

Are urinary issues ruining your life?

  • Urinary urgency that makes you anxious and worried about your schedule
  • Waking up throughout the night to pee, feeling like a zombie the next day
  • Hovering over the toilet, taking forever just to start the flow
  • Pain or discomfort in the urethra, fearing that there is something majorly wrong

Doctors have ruled out a major structural issue with your body…

  • You’ve been to the urologist, the specialists, your physician
  • You’ve done the urine tests, the ultrasound, maybe even an MRI
  • You’ve tried physical therapy, acupuncture, changed your diet, removed caffeine
  • You started meditating…what the **** - I still have urinary issues!?

“As many as 30 percent of men in the United States live with OAB symptoms.1


An estimated 31.1% of U.S. adults experience any anxiety disorder at some time in their lives.2


Hmm…there is clearly a correlation between the mind and the body.
But how can you discover your root cause, if it’s hiding beneath the surface in your subconscious?

Discover YOUR Root Cause to End the Agony

Introducing The FREE Urinary Issues Root Cause Discovery Tool — Identify and Release Your Urinary Issues

Inside this Free Tool:

24 Min. Mind Body Bladder Science Masterclass - delve into the connection between thoughts, emotions, neural circuitry, and how your bladder responds
Root Cause Discovery Questionnaire - go within and discover what is really going on beneath your bladder


10 Min. Relaxing Breathwork - relax your nervous system, calm your bladder, and reset to baseline functioning, simply through breathing

What you can expect by using this tool:

Learn the true origin of your urinary issues to step out of this vicious cycle of peeing
Discover mental and emotional blockages that are keeping your nervous system on high alert
Relax your nervous system and get centered with the calming breathwork
Feel empowered with a plan that’s proven to work in releasing urinary issues
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This Root Cause Discovery is FOR YOU if you are dealing with…

  • Overactive Bladder

  •  Urinary Urgency

  •  Urinary Frequency

  • Urethra Burning

  •  Urethral Pain

  •  Urinary Hesitancy

  • Nocturia

  •  Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

  •  Interstitial Cystitis

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This FREE Tool is Part of a Proven System


Overcome Pelvic Pain + Urinary Issues is a Science-Based, Results Driven 12 Week Program Which Helps You Let Got of “Needing to Go”

  • Join 1,000+ men who let go of their pelvic and bladder issues in 12 weeks

  • Created and recommended by Doctors of Physical Therapy

  • Holistic and easy to do at home - no medications or devices

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I already did the first 8 weeks of the overcome program and it really has changed my life! Pain and frequent peeing are gone!

- Matthew, Overcome Participant

I Teamed Up With Dr. Brianne Grogan to Bring You RESEARCH-BACKED Tools that Actually Work


I know that you might be a little wary of doctors at this point. But some doctors are very well informed, and utilize holistic, “treat the whole person” approaches!

Dr. Bri is a leading voice in mind-body bladder and pelvic health. I brought my personal experiences with bladder and pelvic floor issues (years of learning WHAT DOES NOT WORK, in an agonizing, frustrating way)...and combined it with her expertise to create something that is helping thousands of men to heal.

The Overactive Bladder Root Cause Tool is a combination of mind body research, introspective work, and breath training to help you relax and release into what is going on beneath your bladder.

We wanted to offer this tool to you completely free, because it is extremely transformative and liberating to learn the TRUTH.

I’ll see you on the inside, and I am grateful to be here for you on your journey.

In Strength,


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