All men who have struggled with PE for years.

Are you done with finishing first?

Trade out coming quick for confident control by addressing the root cause of your prejac.



⏲️ Time Before Ejaculation in Penetrative Sex

Averaged results from Transform Pelvic Health clients who had identified PE as a significant issue via submitted data at the beginning and completion of their program.

I heard it so many times:
“It’s not even worth having sex with you.”

I felt like less-than-a man, not able to last long enough for my wife.

I felt trapped in my own body. I wanted to keep going and experience pleasure, but I would start coming before we even got the party started.


At the least, I wanted her to have an O, so that she would feel that pleasure, and not feel so shortchanged by our relationship.


And I wasn’t alone. Although most guys are afraid to talk about it, one in three men you see is dealing with Premature Ejaculation1... 

I remember how the precum would start rolling out and I couldn’t stop it. 

I just had to cum, and it was over. Like an airplane revved up ready for take off to a paradise adventure, and then — GROUNDED.

“Why won’t my body do what I want it to?!”

Releasing the root cause is 80%.
The practices are just 20%.

The pressure wants the most direct route for release, which comes via ejaculation.

👉 Relieve the pressure and you can control when you cum.

Are you bold enough to look at the root reasons for your prejac to bring relaxed control into your sex?

Your Control is Coming...

The Jumpstart to Extending Your Control and Confidence You’ve Been Searching For


  • Learn why you have prejac and what’s causing it beneath the surface
  • Connect the dots between stress, anxiety, and emotions within yourself
  • Learn how to masturbate for a minimum of 15 minutes, without needing porn
  • The simple breathing and muscle engagement practice to use with your partner
  • Rewire your brain and penis to relax and bring conscious awareness to the ejaculatory response
  • See the root causes behind your PE, to not get lost in practices that go nowhere

Stopped Needing Pills

For me, I realized that my issues were deeply rooted about not feeling good enough and so Michael's course helped me embark on an inner journey to explore what is blocking me. Also, the sexual exercises helped me get the energy flowing without the need for pills.

- Daniel, 47


The Prejac Masterclass 

to Learn What Causes PE and the Path to Change It


What Causes PE
Becomes Clear

A 90 minute masterclass that takes you through the science of PE, helping you to identify your root causes.


What to Focus On
(To Shift this For Good)

Learn the mechanics behind lifelong and acquired PE, so that you’re not stuck doing the wrong things.



Clearly see the process behind rewiring your neural circuitry for conscious ejaculatory control.



The Conscious

* to Uproot Bad Habits and Get-Off Without Porn

  • A sensually guided 15 minute audio practice that helps you establish a new way of experiencing pleasure with yourself.

  • Kick the porn habit and frequent quick-cums.

The Couple’s Pre-Sex Connect Breathwork

* for Slowing Down Even When Things Get Hot
  • Lock hearts, eyes, and breath in unison before you penetrate.

  •  Hot as hell, your lover is going WANT more of you after this.


Ejaculatory Control

(Why Control Your Cum Works)

Ejaculation is a function of the autonomic nervous system. Once the first domino tips at the PONR, it’s game over.

Control Your Cum shows you how to change your automatic response, by shifting how your physiology responds to your internal, psychological landscape.

Nervous System Shifting

Ejaculation is a function of the sympathetic (fight-or-flight) NVS. By utilizing slow breathing and other calming practices you’ll regulate your system for a longer duration.

Pelvic Floor Coordination

Physiologic awareness and control of the pelvic floor muscles enhances your ability to monitor arousal levels, use specific muscle relaxation or contraction techniques, and exert more control over your sexual experience.

Psychological and
Emotional Awareness

Addressing stress, anxiety, and emotional factors leads to turning off the “danger alarm signal” which can show up as genitourinary dysfunction. Balanced mental and emotional practices create brain-heart coherence, leading to harmonized, ideal neurophysiology.

Control Your Cum integrates science-backed practices that empower YOU to change your ejaculatory response.

I’m READY to Feel
Free in My Own Body


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Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm

I was able to keep about 90-95% erection quality after that non-ejaculatory orgasm, and was able to continue making love to my wife long enough for her to orgasm.

Transform Client

Last Longer OR IT’S FREE! (for real)

Control Your Cum is designed to give you meaningful, positive results. Integrate the complete program with full commitment for 60 days, and if you don’t get positive results, we will give you a full refund. Our conditions: we ask that you implement the teachings, and can show that you did so. Because we know that if you give it 100%, you’ll see positive changes.

His Confidence is OVERFLOWING

This program helped me gain more confidence in my everyday life, sex life, and personal life…inside and outside the bedroom, and I know it gave many men confidence to be accepting of themselves.

- Christopher B., 25

Bonuses to Take You Into BONUS TIME 🔥

The Last Longer Cheatsheet that Reminds You of What to Do
Value: $69
😉 Probably at least 4 shower blow jobs

What to do every day for good sexual health — so that you’re good to go for when the moment strikes.

Plus a few quick tips for foreplay and penetration to keep you going longer.

The Anxiety Chill Pill 5 Min. Breathwork to Interrupt Downward Mental Spirals
Value: $777
😴 Going to sleep without insomnia
or knockin’ back any drugs

Slow breathing with reminders to come back to your center.

Create conscious awareness of your patterns to let them go (your body will respond).

OK, Let’s Recap!

  • The Prejac Masterclass - see what is behind your PE and the path to changing it
  • The Conscious Masturbation Practice - uncouple sex with “ejaculate-every-time” and step away from a porn addiction
  • The Couple’s Pre-Sex Connect Breathwork - experience arousal with breath-control as you deeply connect with your lover
  • Last Longer Cheat Sheet - a quick reminder of what leads to great sex, taking the pressure off
  • Anxiety Chill Pill Meditation - turn around downward mental spirals and pause the monkey mind
  • Last Longer Guarantee - by integrating the teachings and the tools, you will see positive results (or your money back)

All of this for the cost
of just one sex therapy session!



* LIMITED TIME get $100 off,
so that you can get off when you choose to

Just $97

I’m Ready to Control My Cum →


You Don’t Have to Hold This Secret In

😔 It’s the worst.
Your friends have no idea that you’ve been struggling with this…your wife just wants to feel close to you…you want to go on dates but you’re scared — feeling imprisoned by prejac is no way to live.

Control Your Cum is a step in the direction of transforming YOU. It’s easier to do another practice, therapy, app, or treatment, but sadly, they don’t lead to lasting changes. They are surface level.

This is your moment to look at the root truth of the issue. To step into sexual strength that liberates you to experience ecstatic love with another. You’re in control of your own destiny now, are you coming or what?


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Transform Men's Pelvic Health programs are not a substitute for individualized medical treatment; contact a physician and/or physical therapist in your area for one-on-one evaluation and a personalized treatment plan.

To maintain anonymity, the testimonial illustrated faces are not exact representations of clients.

1https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/premature-ejaculation/symptoms-causes/syc-20354900 and https://www.nature.com/articles/3901507