8 Weeks to Sexual Strength.

A Fully Guided 8 Week Natural and Holistic Approach to Overcoming ED and PE

Go From Sexual Frustration 😫 to Vigor and Strength 🔥

Are you wanting to...

  • Overcome ED and have naturally created rock-hard erections

  • Holistically treat your premature ejaculation to experience next-level ecstasy

  • Stop taking pills that have harmful side effects

  • Have a fully guided program, with no guesswork

  • Take control of your own cock and feel strong and confident

VIGOR is not like other approaches.

X No pills.

X No devices.

X No gimmicks.

X No surgeries.

X No relying on someone or something outside of yourself.

Vigor teaches you how to retrain your muscles, to retrain your brain, and your perspective of sex. Vigor is created by Dr. Brianne Grogan, a natural pelvic health leader and Michael Hodge, a movement and mind-body thought leader (who has overcome his own pelvic pain and ED/PE issues, naturally).


🛑Do You Have Pelvic Pain/Tension?

If you have tightness and tension in your pelvic floor (perineum, anus, testicles, penile pain), then RELEASING this tension first is a must, as the first step to overcoming ED and prejac. Please do the Overcome Pelvic Pain program first. If you have very minor/inconsistent tension, then you can go ahead and move forward with strengthening with Vigor (as we include relaxation as a part of the program).

An 8 Week Guided Program

Vigor Pelvic Strength is a fully guided at-home program. With movement routines, meditations, nutrition, and sexual practices — simply follow the plan back to strength.

Take a Look Inside Vigor Pelvic Strength

Movement Routines

A new 15 minute movement routine each week, custom built to power up your pelvic floor. By using our signature "strength + relaxation" approach, you will create flexbility and vigor in your body.

Rewiring Meditations

Short, powerful meditations that go deeply into the subconscious to rewire and fire your nervous system back to health, balance, and harmony. Beyond relaxation, these meditations are scientifically designed for change.


Food is your fuel. By making simple changes in your diet, you can increase the circulation, improve digestion, and enhance the flow of energy in your body. We'll show you how to eat tasty + healthy foods.

Sexual Practices

Solo sexual practices to rewire your brain and your body. Changing your relationship with sex, shifting out any blockages, breathwork, energy techniques, and other approaches to lasting longer and staying hard.


Before the Program Launches...
Do the FREE 14 Day Sexual Strength Challenge

The 14 Day Challenge will teach you the foundations and includes movement routines, meditations, and other practices to CHANGE your body, now. Begin the challenge today to return to sexual strength, naturally.


“Be soft to get hard."

I know how frustrating weak erections and premature ejaculation can be. I mean, I experienced that for years in my 20's, when you are supposed to be at your "sexual peak." I've since taken steps to naturally and holistically strengthen my pelvic floor (and my mind), shifting how I perceive sex, my body, and upregulating my biology. Vigor Pelvic Strength is an 8 Weeks to Better Sex fully-guided program.

Dr. Bri and I have formulated an evidence-based holistic program, something that has never before been created. Our signature combination of relaxation & strengthening, our industry leading mind-body practices, to our community support components, all combine for a powerful program that is results driven. You've got to be soft with yourself to get hard. Change how you see your body, sex, and healing. Let's do this together. Sign up for the waitlist to be notified about the launch of VIGOR.

-Michael Hodge, Co-Creator of Vigor

Transform Men’s Pelvic Health programs are not a substitute for individualized medical treatment; contact a physician and/or physical therapist in your area for one-on-one evaluation and a personalized treatment plan.