Results-Driven Resources to Get You Started!


Results-Driven Resources to Get You Started!


The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Male Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (CPPS)

Are you experiencing pelvic pain? This definitive guide walks you through symptoms, helps you understand your own anatomy, root causes, and path to recovery.

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Heal Pelvic Pain Naturally Masterclass

What is a natural and holistic approach to overcoming pelvic pain? In this Masterclass, Michael will share his real life experience, best practices, and emerging mind-body science.

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Healing Pelvic Pain for Men

An essential playlist to help you relax, release, and relieve pelvic pain and dysfunction. From stretching routines, to pelvic floor yoga, meditations, interviews, tips, and best practices. Learn from Michael and Dr. Bri right now to begin your journey back to strength.

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Pelvic Strength for Men (ED/PE)

Build strength and flexibility to regain firm erections and last longer with more sexual strength. Follow along with Michael's strengthening routines, learn more about mind-body-energy sexual practices, and discover the best resources for naturally addressing ED and PE. 

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