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Nothing Was Working

A physician's experience

I can’t thank Dr. Bri and Michael enough for their program. I am a physician myself and had never heard of pelvic floor dysfunction….until I was in constant misery and went searching for help. My urologist colleagues tried the usual litany of antibiotics, dietary changes and pain pills. Nothing helped. I couldn’t sleep and I was on the verge of quitting my job as a plastic surgeon, giving up golf and other exercise. But then my wife found this program and I signed up. What an amazing difference for my quality of life. In just two weeks I was feeling better and now almost 3 months along I’m probably 75% symptom free. I still have bad days but they are so much less severe and I feel confident I can get myself out of pain. Thank you both so much for you help. See Full Review 

- Troy, USA

Amazing project! Such good people

A life changing dysfunction that is not understood and widely educated on or acknowledge by many in the health field. This well thought out programme gives us insight, knowledge and most importantly HOPE! Its a dark condition at times and this program encompasses all the different avenues available to improve our well being and management of these conditions surrounding our pelvic areas.
Thank you Dr Bri and Michael Hodge. So Selfless of you both to do this work . Most People who are lucky to overcome pelvic floor dysfunction would never turn back into the darkness to help others. I am a male as well! See Full Review 

- Roy Y, United Kingdom

I've had chronic pelvic pain for decades

I've had chronic pelvic pain for decades and I've spent thousands of dollars on doctors visits, specialists, and tests without receiving any answers or help. I've heard things like "There's nothing we can do, There doesn't seem to be anything wrong, and even, It's all in your head". These experiences have left me feeling confused, hopeless, and alone. I was frankly shocked and hopeful when I found the Overcome videos on youtube. Shocked at the similarities between Michael's story and my own and hopeful that if he was able to find relief I might be able to as well. I've been doing the program for 6 weeks now and I'm very satisfied with the results. After doing my 4 week evaluation I saw a 21% improvement! That is incredible to me as I haven't seen any improvement since the pain began years ago. I find the videos and texts easy to understand and follow along with. I appreciate the holistic approach Overcome offers. Addressing not only the physical but also mental and emotional states as well. I would absolutely recommend this program to any men who are suffering from pelvic pain and haven't been able to find any relief. I know how confusing, frustrating, embarrassing, and lonely this affliction of chronic pelvic pain can be. If you're suffering I encourage you to start the free trial. I still have a way to go on my path toward healing but for the first time in a long time I feel as if I can overcome this.

- Bryan Hobein, Oregon, 41

I Was Missing a Piece of the Puzzle

This program gave me a hope that my pelvic floor can be treated. I was in a lot of pain when I started. I did the 12 week program and still doing the stretches. I feel a lot better now. I still have flare ups and minor pain. I know I'm getting better. At least I have the tools now that help me to release the tension and give me confidence I can overcome this. Michael has been very helpful and very informative through entire process. I signed up for a Retreat program when it was announced, I'm grateful I did. I learned a lot about my body and what human body is capable of. I learned how to get rid off negative thoughts and emotions, how to relax my body and mind, how to reprogram my body to think positively. Certainly it doesn’t happen overnight, but I think I'm on the right track. I think, I was missing a piece of the puzzle until I went to the retreat. I highly recommend Overcome pelvic pain program and a retreat program if you have a chance. Thank you Michael. See Full Review 

- Ben, USA

Bottom Line: It's Worth It.

For nearly 3 months, I wasted away in my bedroom, only getting up to stretch along with Michael Hodge's videos on Dr. Bri's YouTube ch. During this time I began a strict diet geared towards prostate health in an effort to ease my suffering. In total, I lost just under 50 lbs. I began to request referrals to see local physical therapists. I discussed my symptoms and the limited relief I'd found from the two Overcome videos I'd found on YouTube. Even after these discussions, I was left on my own.

In January, I decided to call Michael to ask him about the Overcome program. It was the first interaction I had with someone who'd really listened, and he gave me hope. Hope is something that was in short supply. I was unable to work, alone in my room, and in between waiting rooms at disinterested doctors' offices. These were VERY dark times. After that phone call with Michael, I signed up for the program.

Month 1:

The two most helpful aspects of month one's routines were the deep stretches that taught me how to really open up the pelvic floor and the meditations that helped me escape the feedback loop of pain and tension. I hate to admit it, but I've always believed meditating in order to cure illnesses was total bullsh*t. I understand now that my nervous system was stuck in a constant state of fight or flight. It wasn't until I began to find moments of inner peace that the pain began to subside, and as the pain began to subside I found more moments of inner peace. See Full Review 

- Ethan P., USA

The Formula to Your Recovery

Michael has impacted my life in a meaningful way. Thank you to him and the team working with him.

Michael steps in and provides personalized support, through video responses in many cases. These happy quickly and are high quality. You get access to all his experience with this program and can ask questions and receive his guidance. PHENOMENAL.

The value here is exceptional. The price at first felt steep, but in hindsight, I wouldn't of got 5% the value I got from this program in 4 or 5 Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy appointments. Especially since ALL the therapists I've interacted with were women and not as familiar with the male anatomy or male triggers to pelvic pain.

Hands down worth the money. I appreciate all that Michael has done to build the programs he's built and the videos he created or contributed to on YouTube. See Full Review 

- Brandon Jones, USA

Stress and Anxiety

A safe place

Pelvic Pain is something you probably have not heard about it until you suffer from it - especially for men. This program has been a tremendous help to me physically and mentally. It is not only the exercises and meditations but the private community where Dr Bri and Michael respond to requests for help and advice and people share experiences. I am so glad I found this program, it was worth every penny and I continue to do the exercises at the start of my day. See Full Review 

- Tim Thomas, United Kingdom

I’m on month 2 week four of Overcome…

I’m on month 2 week four of Overcome and I’m definitely feeling so much better physically and mentally. I’ve been sticking with the program and haven’t missed a day of stretching and meditation. I’ll continue with these practices going forward even after I’ve reached 100 percent. Thanks so much! I’m so grateful I found this amazing healing program. See Full Review 

- Gregory Glowatz, USA

Overcome pelvic floor for men

“Overcome pelvic floor for men” programme as part of the “Dr. Bri's Vibrant Pelvic Health” is definitely something I would recommend to anyone having any sorts of difficulties within or related to the pelvic floor region. As a physiotherapist myself, I strongly support this genial idea to endorse those in need all around the world and offer them that one thing that is still missing within this problematic: all-inclusive healing approach. I must admit I was a bit skeptical at the beginning, which was mainly due to my disbelief that an online guided programme could help overcome such a complex issue such as chronic pelvic pain. Anyhow, to my surprise both Dr Bri and Michael are very professional, caring and concise experts, allowing the care receivers to understand thoroughly and get better by following the instructions. My problems started as insignificant initially, but there came a time when sitting was a real luxury! Upon finding out about this amazing program I did my best to get enrolled, start the protocols and just go with the flow. Now I am in the midway of the process and everything seems smother and better. Thus I strongly recommend this program and will be happy to share my contacts to anyone else going a similar situation. See Full Review 

- Arben Boshnjaku, Albania

Mind-Body-Energy Approach to Sexual Health

I ran into a very unexpected pelvic/sexual health challenge earlier this year and realized that I needed to expose myself to new information. I found Michael Hodge's programs and decided to go deeper with Transform. The program's perspective is refreshing compared to other material that I came across. I can tell that he really "gets it," and takes into account the whole being, not just the mental and physical issue at hand. I know that I still have changes to make, but I have a plan and feel supported by the community. Thank you!! See Full Review 

- Tyler Drake, USA

Wonderful experience with Overcome Pelvic Pain for Men

I have struggled with pelvic pain for years, in fact I have lived with the pain for so long I began to believe that it was just the normal human experience. I thought it was normal to feel discomfort and pain when sitting for more than a few minutes! I just endured it, fidgeted and adjusted my position, whatever I could to ease the pain somewhat. Eventually, however, during a time of great stress and anxiety in my life, the pain and discomfort reached a critical point (sitting or not), and I descended deeper into darkness. I fell into a cycle of obsession, fear and worry which served only to fuel the fires of pain that radiated from my pelvic floor. Without a doubt this was the worst period of my life so far, but at the time I could never have appreciated the fact that it was also the catalyst for the greatest period of growth and personal development I have ever experienced! I looked for answers and my journey took me down many rabbit holes but I did find answers! I got tremendous help from a Physiotherapist in her own right but she also introduced me to a video of one of the Overcome Pelvic Pain routines. I did that routine for a few days and then joined the 12 Week Program. Wow what an exceptional program! Truly Dr Bri and Michael I can not fully express how thankful I am to you. The program offers a multi-dimensional approach to dealing with pelvic pain and tension. My appreciation of the connection between my mental state and my physical state has grown enormously from this experience. I am in a much better place now and for any who have experienced pelvic health issues I highly recommend visiting Dr. Bri's Vibrant Pelvic Health. See Full Review 

- Ross Thurlow, Australia

The overcome pelvic pain program for men has been a life saver...

I started the overcome pelvic pain program in July this year and I think its been fantastic. My pain and urinary issues began quite suddenly in March 2021, but now that I think about it, there were some other tell tale signs that I just didnt take notice of. As a man, I really struggled to find any sort of useful help. After many invasive tests, which all came back normal, and multiple doses of antibiotics I was really down and out. Anxiety and depression started to set in due to the despair of "what the hell is wrong with me"... I started googling my symptoms and by chance came across Dr Bri's Youtube channel, which led me to the male 3 month program to overcome pelvic pain. I then stumbled upon some other interviews that Michael had done and I felt like I had finally found a resource and group of people that understood what I had. I signed up straight away, and started noticing positive effects immediately. The exercises and stretches themselves felt great and would provide immediate relief, even if only temporaily. But the more I got into them, practised the meditation and mindfullness programs, the better I became. It allowed me to positively change my mindset, and for me, I think that was key. Once I accepted the fact that I had Pelvic pain, and that it wasn't a life sentence, and I could better myself and get on with life, things really improved. Its now Mid November, and compared to where I was a few months back, I feel great. As always, some days are still better than others, and I still deal with some discomfort or anxiety of the pain returning from time to time. But I'm sure these will fade in time as well. So lastly, I would like to say a big thank you, all the way from Australia to both Dr Bri and Michael Hodge for their hard work and these programs they have put together. I continue to practice them and hope that they will keep Pelvic pain away, and I look forward to any other videos or programs that you put together. They are of great help. See Full Review 

- Mark Biondo, Australia

Start Overcome Pelvic Pain Today

Pelvic Pain

Michael and Dr.

Michael and dr. Bri are fantastic and the program also! I had pain on my pelvic floor, and now I feel much better and of course I continue to do the stretching and relaxation and the program! Thank you very much. See Full Review 

- sergeb1971, France

Step by Step Eradicate Pelvic Pain

As a Yoga teacher and someone who dealt with pelvic pain I can say that Dr. Brianne Grogan is at the pinnacle when treating Pelvic Floor Pain and Dysfunction. Her courses offer in-depth knowledge and comprehensive exercises that include Yoga poses (isometrics and stretching), Trigger Point release, Breathing exercises and Somatics. 5* Dr. Bri! See Full Review 

- Bruno Fonseca, Portugal

For the Men!

Dr. Bri's program for overcoming male pelvic floor dysfunction is simply the best. She demonstrates her expertise in the program and the results are undeniable. When I started the program, I could literally barely breathe from my PFD. I couldn't sit for long and I was having all kinds of problems using the bathroom. These are just a select few symptoms I was experiencing.

I stuck with the programming as intended (6 days per week, at the start of each day) and I was feeling better within a week. By the end of the program, all my symptoms had resolved and my core was more well-trained than it had ever been (even despite years of olympic weightlifting). I didn't do all the supplementary options, but I did go 110% on the programming & dietary coaching itself.

Stick with this program. You *can* overcome pelvic floor dysfunction.

See Full Review 

- Jordan Parks, USA

Excellent and effective pelvic wellness program.

I recently started this program due to ongoing pelvic floor related issues. I have found it to be very comprehensive and thorough with excellent information. Dr. Bri and Michael are very responsive to questions and input and convey a very caring attitude. The online forum is very helpful in that sharing our like experiences with each other is both informational and supportive. I am still doing the program and have noticed slow, bit consistent, improvements. In that it took years to develop these issues, it will take time to resolve them. Like anything worthwhile, it takes effort to be successful and you will only get out what you put into it Overall, I highly recommend the program and it is well worth the cost. See Full Review 

- Steve PM, USA

Very helpful program

Very helpful program. The community and added supplemental videos to the core program provides more answers to the questions we all have about our pelvic pain. Worth the purchase. I use the website all the time to help me through my healing. Thanks. See Full Review 

- Paul Hinterberg, USA

Life changing

Life changing. Great people who are down to earth and truly want the best for you. See Full Review 

- James Hunt, USA

Transform has the tools that you need…

Transform has the tools that you need when facing a very scary health concern. Many doctors and specialists are trying to piece together treatments that don't always "fit together" very well. The Overcome program has it all in one place, which made it much easier to follow the plan without figuring it out on my own. I appreciate Michael's support in the community and the other men who are very encouraging. Definitely worth the time and money. See Full Review 

- Michael S., USA

I struggled daily with my pelvic pain symptoms

Before starting this program I struggled daily with my pelvic pain symptoms. It was starting to affect my family life and I needed to make a change. Luckily I stumbled upon the Overcome program and saw some marked improvement within a week of starting it. As the weeks went on I continued to feel better and better everyday.

The program became a part of my daily routine and my wife and daughter even began to encourage me to do my "stretches" in the morning. They saw the improvement too. My mood improved. I began eating healthier, exercising more and feeling better. Now, several months later, I can honestly say I am healed. And, best of all, I now have the tools to manage my pain if it does return. I enjoyed the program so much I've even decided to go back and repeat it from the beginning as a kind of maintenance plan to keep my routine going and continue feeling great. Thanks!

- Jeff Axtman

Michael was always willing to talk to me

From day one, Michael was always willing to talk to me. He really lifted me up out of a dark place and gave me the hope I needed - he was definitely the light at the end of my tunnel. The simple fact of talking with someone that overcame pelvic pain was extremely amazing. He made me believe I could get better and that's exactly what happened.

- Harold Rivero, Canada

Years of Suffering


To put this in perspective, I am 75, a retired physician, and have had pelvic pain for 15 years. I was told that I had levator ani syndrome, that there was no cure, that stress played a large part, and that rectal valium was pretty much the only effective treatment. I admit rectal valium does help relieve the perirectal spasm but the side effects and potential for addiction keep me from using it more than once monthly when the pain was really severe. I also had some myofascial therapy therapy which seemed to help but was only once every couple of weeks and once stopped the pain came back. Since starting the Vibrant Pelvic Health program with Michael about 7 weeks ago the pain has gone down significantly from a 9 to a 2-5 (fluctuations through the day). During the first 4 weeks of this program my pain diminished substantially; however with starting week 5 I had a flare-up and as was suggested I went back and to doing weeks 3 and 4 again. This proved to be very helpful and now I am in week 5 without any flare-up. I do the routine when I wake up in the morning and then during the day do the recommended stress reduction techniques and meditation. I also walk 2-3 miles daily as well as garden. My diet is the Wahl's paleo diet which emphasizes nutrient dense food with minimal toxin exposure. (This seems to work for me as I have Celiac disease and can't consume many foods including those that contain gluten and dairy. I recognize and support the notion that everyone needs to determines what works for them in the way of food/nutrition.) In short, I think that this program for men is really outstanding. I have not felt this good in years and am hopeful that I can improve even more. With the fluctuations in pain through the day I have become much more aware of triggers and also the stresses in my life that likely contributed to the development of this condition. Also during the morning routine I pay particular attention to the emotions and thoughts that come to mind. I can then release them and go back to focusing on the actual exercises and breath work. I think one of the most important things I have learned from this program and Michael's words is to take it slow and listen to my body and emotional state. The community and comments from others has been very helpful as well. Michael's willingness and effectiveness in response is a blessing. See Full Review 

- Tom B., USA

I instinctively KNEW I landed in the right place

Full disclosure: I'm 70 years old and I've had pelvic floor pain and dysfunction for 33 years. Yep, not a typo.

So, I came in hopeful, and skeptical.

But something stirred within me from the first minute of the program. The way it was presented gave me a faith and a feeling I can't explain. I instinctively KNEW I landed in the right place. So, I went ALL IN.

Attitude is a big deal. It was important for me to do the exercises with INTENT. And a CALM, relaxed, positive state of mind.

I'm a meditator and a spiritual seeker. There is a fundamental relationship between a calm mind and the ability to calm the body (and vice versa). I began meditating more, knowing that was an essential step on the path to wholeness.

I also fully focused on the movements, carefully watching for correct form. And again, intention and visualization are key.

I am amazed how stretchy I've become. Love those long holds.

Another key element for me was dedicating ample time each morning to do the complete routine and take my time doing it. No sense of rushing thru it - that would negate the effort. SLOW and easy, with self-compassion… and time to spare.

So, what happened?

A miracle. Then a step or two back. Then steady progress.

The miracle?

I immediately felt better. After a few sessions, really VISUALIZING the muscles relaxing, they relaxed! I had less pain, less dysfunction, and more HOPE!

Michael, you did such a superb job putting this together. Your lead on the videos is easy to follow, the cueing and pace is just right for creating the right mental environment.

Your soft voice, the precise instructions, the encouragement, the reminders about intention, all of it - excellent. Really, excellent.

You've clearly found your calling. THANK YOU AND LOVE YOU BOTH!

- Bill Kalter, Florida

Overcome Pelvic Pain course and Michael…

Overcome Pelvic Pain course and Michael Hodge was truly a God send to mem back in May of 2021. I realized that all the prostate problems I had been having off and for over 25 years were Pelvic issues. Yes, I had prostate infections in the past but I was always told antibiotics would do the trick and of course often times they did. Last year they did not, I found Overcome Pelvic Pain course and decided to do the exercises twice daily and continue to this day doing them twice daily. Please, do not crap out because you dont see results immediately. As with any exercise and meditation program you wont see immediate results and that teaches us to be patient with ourselves and our bodies. I know you men out there will find relief if you stick with this. Listen to your Urologists etc but a lot of times Doctors (and I am one) want to throw medicines at you cause it gets you out of the office faster. If you can afford a Physical Therapist who specializes in the Pelvic Floor you need to hire one. Some insurances do pay for Physical Therapy and you will only have to pay your copay. I found one here in Tucson and she is excellent and has given me added exercises on top of the one's Michael does on the program. Stick with all the things you are doing for your health. It can be done. See Full Review 

- Neftali Fernandez, USA

The combination gave me my life back!

Through a combination of Dr. Bri's pelvic floor release stretches, and — surprisingly — finding out that my well water was the culprit, my debilitating symptoms of CPPS have essentially gone away after 6 years of searching for answers and relief. The combination gave me my life back!

- Chris G., New York

Enduring Relief 

I've been doing the Transform Pelvic Pain program for men for about a year now. I did the entire program over a course of three months, but continue to do specific routines daily. I can say I have found enduring relief from my problem, which I have been dealing with for years. I find myself sleeping better, and using the restroom less frequently. I have found particular value from the deep relaxation routines, which have improved my overall mood. One of the big takeaways of this program has been the way I now associate stress with flare-ups in pelvic pain. I wish I had discovered this program sooner.

- Brandon, United States

Urinary Issues

Overcome for Men is great!!!

In March 2021 I started to develop UTI like symptoms: painful ejaculation, burning during and after urination and I felt urine trapped to the walls of my urethra after urination. I was finally diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction in August 2021 after having negative urine tests. I started the Overcome Program for Men in September and have noticed substantial results. I’m less tense in the pelvic area, I’m less hesitant while urinating and I don’t feel as much urine trapped in my urethra after urination. I highly recommend this program if you suffer similar symptoms and I will continue to use it even after I’m fully healed. Im currently on month 2. This program gave me the hope that I would be able to conquer this nightmare I was living through for months. I can’t thank Michael and Dr. Bri enough for creating this program. Please give it a try! See Full Review 

- Shane Williams, USA

Pudendal Neuralgia

Helping me with Pelvic nerve pain

I have been dealing with Pelvic nerve pain (undiagnosed Pudendal Neuralgia) since a poorly executed medical procedure. I have been in a lot of pain, and have had pain with sitting, post ejaculation pain, and pain after bowel movements. I came across the Overcome program, and it has been a real blessing to have it in my life. I really feel like I have a friend to rest my shoulder on, who not only understand what I am going through, but who actually takes time to respond and provide me with constructive ways to navigate my challenge. The stretches, trigger point exercises and strength exercises work systematically to help the pelvic floor relax, and slowly start to heal and become more normal. I have personally selected certain exercises over others as some exercises work better for me than others. You have a tool bag of strategies that you can customize to what works for you as everyone is a little different. The Mind-body connection work I think has gotten me the furthest regarding all of my healing, and Michaels calming voice and instructions always help me relax, and put things in perspective. I am not completely healed but my pain has gone down from and 8/10 to now a 3/10 and I have tools now when I have my flare ups. I personally would say out of all the doctors I have seen, programs I have bought, physio's that worked on me, and books that I have read, this program has helped me the most by far and I would highly suggest to give it a try! Dr. Bri and Michael are super knowledgable, and radiate so much positivity and devote them selves to this program and to helping people with pelvic pain. Finding people like them is very hard to find in this world and I don't know what I would do if I didn't have this program! See Full Review 

-Victor Hugo, Canada

Many Great Resources in One Place

I suffered from pudendal neuralgia for a couple years and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. During that time, I saw various physical therapists and even one of the world's leading pelvic pain doctors and none of them could find anything structurally wrong. A few practitioners started telling me I had central sensitization -- a jacked-up central nervous system. Meditation, exercise, and diet helped but not enough. I came to Transform (formerly Overcome) in a state of desperation and found a heap of resources in one well-organized place. I followed the program pretty faithfully for a couple months and discovered exercises and approaches I hadn't heard elsewhere combined with a number of things that I was already implementing and finding relief from. The peace of mind in having all of these tools together in one place -- and a community of people all going through the same thing -- was invaluable. Combined with the knowledge that they offer a money-back guarantee, you really have everything to gain and nothing to lose by trying it. See Full Review 

-Josh, USA

My pelvic pain is related to a Pudendal…

My pelvic pain is related to a Pudendal Nerve injury I received over 3 years ago. It has caused extreme physical and mental distress. The area of the pelvic region affected has been the 'sitting bone area/tailbone' and pain through out my genital area. It has also compounded an upgrade of my sympathetic nervous system in my head and body. I enrolled in the 12 week Overcome Pelvic Pain for Men program by Michael Hodges and Dr. Bri last September 2021 to get some physical and mental relief. The program consists of stretching exercises (yoga), mediation and deep breathing techniques. It is very detailed orientated. Michael guides you visually thru each exercise and his advice, care and concern for your well being is evident throughout the 12 week program. Although I still have my issues with my Pudendal nerve pain, I am better able to cope with it having completed and repeating the 12 week program. I do believe the comprehensive exercises will help anyone with Pelvic pain issues. I highly recommend the program. See Full Review 

- Charles Silvestri, USA

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