*Vigor just released this year, so men are still making their way through the experience, with more reviews to come. Write your own history, you can BE the next success story.
Vigor helped me to get out of my head

Vigor helped me to get out of my head and enjoy being myself. Coming to a place of acceptance over resistance and just feeling a sense of freedom. I realised that what I believed were other people's judgements about myself were really just my own judgements and I've began to let those go now. I can't thank Michael and Dr Bri enough for this as this mindset has defined who I am since I was a child.

- Jordan

Vigor Has the Right Approach

I am finding the concepts and practices of Vigor sexual strength appealing, especially having practiced yoga and meditation in the past. A few years ago I began having ED issues that were partly a catalyst for my wife and I to re-examine our relationship, with the help of a couples therapist.

Over the following twelve months we worked successfully on issues of respect, agency, communication and also sexual practice.

I believe the Vigor program has the right approach. Ceasing porn usage is a necessary condition to recovery. Secondly, there is a period of re-connecting sensually with the body and re-sensitization I believe can take several months. The Vigor program is helping me develop pelvic floor awareness and mobility, and to strengthen sexual practice.

- E., age 70

Better than Mojo

I was dealing with sexual performance anxiety and the Vigor program helped me to get to the root cause of the issue. I tried the Mojo program before but did not quite connect with that program. I found the Vigor program to be much more helpful and effective. The Vigor program takes a more holistic approach which helped me to connect with my body physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I also did some one on one coaching with Michael which was incredibly helpful. Now I feel much more confident and connected with my body than before. The Vigor program is the program that many men need to feel safe, understood, and encouraged to deal with their sexual issues.

- Daniel, age 47

Pelvic Floor Got Stronger

This program is awesome. It not only helped me with the tension in the pelvis but to get stronger. Today CPPS is not in my mind like it used to be. That means that the pain is not a concern anymore. Really happy with this program and with Mike.

- Harold

Big Difference in Erections

After doing the Vigor program I have felt a big difference in my erections and also control of my breathing during sex/masturbation.

- E.N., age 36

Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm

I was able to keep about 90-95% erection quality after that non-ejaculatory orgasm, and was able to continue making love to my wife long enough for her to orgasm.

- Vigor participant

Gave Me Confidence

Following the program gave me confidence I was working towards a solution. Improvement was gradual and took time but was worth it end the end.


Massive Erection Changes

My erection quality now has definitely increased massively, I started noticing some huge changes after the 3rd week. Pelvic floor feels free and relaxed now.

- Nikhil

Rock Hard Erections

My dick gets rock hard now I feel more blood flowing to it.

- Ike

ED from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Finally, a program that specifically targets ED specific issues relating to pelvic floor dysfunction! Stick with the program and you too will see results!

- Zachary

Confidence In All Aspects of Life

This program helped me gain more confidence in my everyday life, sex life, personal life, inside and outside the bedroom; and I know it gave many men confidence to be accepting of themselves and be guys did a great job…I'm very thankful to have found you guys!

- Christopher

Become the Next Vigor Success Story
Incredible set of tools to overcome dysfunctions

This course was incredible!! It really helps addressing the root causes of the disfuctions and it focuses both on physical and mental release. It really provides many tools to work on different problems and it helps changing the negative image of ourselves that we often have. After the 8 week programs I saw enormous improvements and I know how to work on my own in the future to keep getting better and better.

- Leo

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